Friday, April 29, 2011

Personality of Children

Everyone has a distinct personality but how do we get them? I believe that outside influenceices and relationships are the biggest influence on ones personality. For instance a child that is ignored by their parents will most likely grow up to be a self sufficient loner and a child with a "Helicopter Mom" may not have all their skills when they turn 18.

Parents have to be careful what they say to their kids because even the simplest comment can affect a child's growth psychologically. The quality of relationship with ones parents is just as important as having a relationship to began with.Parents who overly discipline their children will have children who will try to rebel against their parents rules. This can led to bad behavior and people with "party animal personalities", however parents that are too easy on there kids will end up with the same results if not very careful.

Although parenting is important another factor that is important when determining your personality is your genes.Your genetic structure can also be an important factor in your personality.Some children have mental disabilities that can alter their personalities.Some disorders can be changed by both genes and environment such as Borderline Personality Disorder. This is also known as nature vs. nurture.

Twins are an unusual situation. Even if they have identical DNA their personality's can be (and usually are) completely different. Some twins can only be recognized by their personalities because their appearances are so similar to each other. Parents are sometimes the only ones who can recognize their twins physical and personality differences because twins are so unusual that people outside their family are so amazed by the similarities not their differences.

Personality is one of the factors that makes us human. Its detumrmined before we're born and molded during childhood. No one knows or can prove EXACTLY why people act the way they do in general but there are a lot of philosophies. Everyone thinks they know how to raise children, but who knows who is right? I and all other people can only hope and wish that we are doing our best and can raise solid responsible children.


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