Friday, April 29, 2011


Child abuse is something that has not been recognized or addressed near enough as it should be. child abuse is more than just hitting its metal, sexually, and physical abuse. no child should be abused in any kind of way, statistics show that in every 3 children one is sexually or physically abused.
Physical abuse is an injury deliberately inflicted upon a child by any person, including adults. physical abuse includes fractured or broken bones, burns severe and or frequent bruises, and major physical harm. physical abuse is usually identified by physical marks on the child's body but children can also suffer emotional damage from abuse. some physical signs of physical abuse would be, bruises, welts on face, neck, chest and back. and injuries in shapes of objects like belts, cords and any other objects on child's body. fractures on a body or broken bones that can not be explained or match what the story was on how they received the injury.
sexual abuse is another source of child abuse that might b a lot harder to detect in some situation. sexual abuse is any contact between a child and adult for the adults sexual stimulation this includes inappropriate touching, showing pornography, sex and exposure of body parts to the child. sometimes a child can be physically hurting during the act, but even if there are no marks, a child can be traumatized by sexual abuse. ways to recognize or catch sexual abuse would be a bit different than physical because the physical signs of sexual abuse are not obvious and with some children there are no signs at all. often emotional behavioral signs are more commonly seen. if there are signs. some physical signs would be pain, swelling, itching in genital area, bruises, bleeding, discharge, in genital area. And difficulty waking or sitting, frequent urination or pain, stained or bloody underclothes would be another sign to. teachers often look for refusal to take part in gym or other exercises.

Child neglect is the most common for of child maltreatment. neglect is when a parent, guardian, or other caregiver does not provide for a child's basic needs. neglect includes not providing food, shelter, supervision, health care, schooling, affection or support. This can be characterized as both physical and emotional abuse. some signs would be poor hygiene, not dressed right for weather, lack of medical care , hunger, acts as a parent to siblings arrives early or stays late at school.


  1. It was sad but informative Id say a B easy!

  2. 1.Child abuse is a very good topic to chice because many children are abused and keep quiet.

    2.Well-Written (Original) Essay: Not really you should use spell ckeck some of the words are misspelled.

    3.Appropriate / Relevant Pictures:the pictures are relevent to the topic...the pic. of the girl is very eye catching.

    4.Formatting (Text & Pictures): its very good

    5.Working Links: yes they work

    6.Visually Appealing: it is vert visually appealing

    7.Good Labels (i.e. “baby, babies, SIDS, causes, facts, medical”): can't find lables?

    8.Recommendations for making the essay better (spelling, grammar, pictures, facts, etc.): Everything looks okay except for some misspelled words

    9.How did the essay change your views about the topic? I still believe child abuse is wrong and it needs to be prevented.

    10.Overall Grade (A-F): B

  3. One more picture would be fine.There are some misspellings in the essay. Everything looks good. I would say a B.

  4. 1.very good topic had some mispelled words
    3. the pictures were appropriate
    4. your text is good it doesn't look like you copied and paste.
    5.links are good maybe more would be nice.
    6.visually its fine
    7.labels are ok make it better put the words bigger cuz it hurts my eyes.
    9.the essay made me want to help out more people.
    10. its a F- hahahaha jk! A B+ is your grade.

    Well-Written (Original) Essay: 9/10
    Appropriate / Relevant Pictures: 10/10
    Formatting (Text & Pictures): 8/10
    Working Links: 10/10
    Visually Appealing: 9/10
    Good Labels (i.e. “baby, babies, SIDS, causes, facts, medical”): 0/10
    Recommendations for making the essay better (spelling, grammar, pictures, facts, etc.): needs links and better spelling but overall very nice
    How did the essay change your views about the topic? very informitive
    Overall Grade (A-F):

    • Choice of Topic: Child Abuse

    • Well-Written (Original) Essay: it was good but it was a little short, there was like no information on where you could go for help.

    • Appropriate / Relevant Pictures: the pictures were appropriate and went with the essay.

    • Formatting (Text & Pictures): good

    • Working Links: good working link but there was only one

    • Visually Appealing: yes it was. the second picture got my attenion and thats why i read it.

    • Good Labels (i.e. “baby, babies, SIDS, causes, facts, medical”): there were no labels.

    • Recommendations for making the essay better (spelling, grammar, pictures, facts, etc.): more info

    • Overall Grade (A-F): B

  7. Choice of Topic: child abbuse
    Well-Written (Original) Essay: I liked it u did great!
    Appropriate / Relevant Pictures: perfect
    Formatting (Text & Pictures): well rounded
    Working Links: yes
    Visually Appealing: depressing but yes
    Good Labels (i.e. “baby, babies, SIDS, causes, facts, medical”): yes
    Recommendations for making the essay better (spelling, grammar, pictures, facts, etc.): it was perfect for the subject
    How did the essay change your views about the topic?
    Overall Grade (A-F): B