Friday, April 20, 2012

Negative Effects of Beuty Pageants On Children

The Negative Effect's Of beauty Pageants On children
by Sabrina Lyon
          Being taught to be perfect at a very young age can cause serious issues for your child in

the future.The focus on beauty may cause a negative effect on a child's self esteem. Beauty Pageants

focus on being perfect, and some girls may start to think negatively if they do not look or feel

perfect.This leads to an eating disorder or a bad view of how she is supposed to look. They have to

have the right standards to even join the contest, which could cause a really low self esteem if you

couldn't get into the contest.

             Children may tend to think that sad or mad feelings are not the right feelings to have

 only to be happy so they please their parents, and to win to make their parents

happy.Growing up children tend to believe that having materialistic concerns and thats all that

matters in life.Parents begin to force children into furthering there career in pageants and may even

make there child resent them.Teaching your kid to not make friends because they will bring you

downAnxiety becomes a main problem in life as they get older. They seem to get lots of

pyscological problems growing up.

           Having your very young childs face look 16 may cause pedophiles to want your child and

your endangering your child. Stress and negative self evaluation often occur from pageants, if you

have more than one child usually one child is left behind with no attention and feels left out may

cause depression.Everything in life is put behind them and the beauty pageant becomes first.Parents

are abusive to children that do not listen or act how they want them too. Teaching kids to be able to

get what they want by looking pretty is not a good way to raise your child.Being in a beauty

pageant costs a lot of money.

          Mothers take their children through these beauty pageants usually to fulfill there dream

through there child. The children get bad press, which if they hear about it or see is something a child

would never want to hear. Pageant Directors can either make the show very enjoyable and have

everyone thinking positively about them selves, but most choose to be mean and uncaring and

choose favorites. Parents are a big part of the child's attitude, if you tell your child they have to win

and winning is all they care about and they lose they will be crushed if they don't win, if you go in

with a better attitude telling them its okay to lose than telling them they can only win.

           Beauty Pageants, are not all bad but being so young and being taught these things is not the

best thing for your child. When they get older it might be easier for them to handle but this could be

a scaring time for a child if they lose or cant even meet the standards for the pageant. Make sure you

talk to your child before during and after the pageant to make sure she is okay with it and isn't

showing any signs of depression after or any other signs.


  1. - Choice of Topic: Interesting, could be interesting to find out the statistical outcomes of these kids.

    - Well-Written (Original) Essay: This essay is decent writings, there are things that I would change but there are a few well structured sentences mixed in.

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  2. this is a good topic to discuss for it is not as well known as some other child-related issues but it is as severe as a lot of the other problems. the picture show the "older effect" of the make-up and how it could effect their self esteem. the formatting is good and most of the links work and go to good websites. there are some spelling errors for example the title but my overall view of this essay is that it is well written and addresses the important parts of this subject. it did not change my views on the subject for i already new about this problem and agree it is not good, but most do not talk about these issues coming from child beauty pageants and it is good someone addresses them. i give this project an A.