Friday, April 20, 2012

music and babies

 How music can affect your baby 

Music can affect your baby the same way it affects an adult. How music can change your mood it will do the same for your baby.Their have been a few studies on music and baby interaction, and a lot of them have lead to the same conclusion. in the duration of this report i will tell you the different ways that music can affect your baby.

A lot of parents believe that music will make you smarter, but that has not yet been proven. But some believe that it helps the brain develop different types of thinking. Music has been to shown to help with the problem solving part of your brain, and also uses the same part of your brain that is used while doing math. This is only temporary though, the affects only work while they are listing to music and for a while after. the affect can be long term if they  actually learn  to play an instrument.

Music may help strengthen premature babies. Researchers from Brigham Young University studied the effects of music on thirty three premature infants in the neonatal intensive care unit at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo.Tape players piped voices of men and women singing lullabies into each baby's isolate for forty minutes a day for four days. When doctors checked the babies on the fourth day, they found that babies who were exposed to music had gained more weight, and had a lower blood pressure and also a stronger heartbeat.

  Music has been proven to help your child's development. In two different ways it will help your child, it can help strengthen your babies problem solving ability's, it can even help your child if it is a premature baby. in my opinion music should be apart of your babies early development and for their entire life.

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