Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby Care Advice

Baby Care Advice

You spend nearly ten months preparing for the arrival of your newborn. You go buy toys, clothes, formula, diapers, etc. even before the baby arrives. A lot of couples probably say they are ready to have a child, but in reality it’s a lot more work than just changing diapers and warming up formula. Babies are very expensive especially if you want to give your baby the most you, can and what you think they deserve.The hardest part about making your newborn happy is not being able to understand what it wants, it might be crying because it needs to be burped or its teething, maybe it has a dirty diaper, but you won’t know until you check everything that could be wrong. Newborns probably cry for about a third of the day because something is bothering them, and as a parent your job is to fix that.

Something every parent need is a few friends or relatives to rely on, because when you have something important to attend your going to have someone watch over your newborn while your busy, and your to have to make sure to give your baby sitter everything they need and some, so your baby doesn’t throw a fit the whole time it’s being watched over. But you’re going to have to make sure your baby sitter isn’t a smoker, because your baby shouldn’t be inhaling any type of smoke, the baby’s lungs are so young and premature it could catch asthma or cancer so much easier than a grown adult. Make sure your baby is always in a safe environment.

Another hassle about having a baby is all the diapers they go through, a baby can go anywhere from 3-6 diapers a day. And when your paying anywhere from $20-$35 for diapers that’s a lot of money but there’s a few solutions that can help that problem. The best way is to burp your baby after or during feedings. While this method is by no means foolproof. It will greatly reduce the amount of gas and wastes in their stomach. And I guarantee the baby will feel much better and not cry as much if it doesn’t have a tummy ache or a dirty diaper.
When you bring your baby in this world you’re going to want what’s best for it, and that may be hiring a new born specialist just to get you through hard times when you don’t know what’s wrong. A newborn specialist is just someone who is going to be there fro help, guidance, company, medical reasons, and maybe special circumstances. It doesn’t mean your losing your parenting job, it just means you could use a little help, and help is never unwanted when you’re raising a newborn and you don’t know what’s wrong when it’s crying, or just isn’t acting normal. Sometimes you just want to know if what you think is the right way to do a thing, really is the right way.

One of the toughest and could be a scary job is giving your baby a bath. You never want to leave your baby unattended, never. As soon as you finish your newborns bath you want to wrap it in a towel. Make sure you have a diaper and clothes set up on a flat surface and close to your bathing station so you can lay it down and put it diaper and clothes on it as quick as possible. Well there’s lot and lots of advice you can give about baby care and getting it from someone who has had a children and grandchildren is probably the best way to go because they’ve been through it all. To be honest I’m excited to have a baby but not anytime soon at all, the best time would be when you know you’re financially stable and know you can handle it. That’s the biggest problem for some couples; they think their ready when in reality they really aren’t. Having a baby is a lot of work, dedication, commitment, and takes all of your love.

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  1. # Choice of Topic: Good choice! I like how you mentioned the cost, safety, etc. all in one essay - and did it better than some of the other people did even though they focused on one issue.

    # Well-Written Essay: The essay is well written, but seems to have a few run-on sentences and punctuation errors... Without those, the essay would be much better.

    # Appropriate / Relevant Pictures: I believe that some pictures like diapers, money, etc relating to the essay should have been included. The pictures provided are cute, though! :D

    # Formatting (Text & Pictures): The formatting of the paragraphs looks alright... but the font is huge! :O

    # Working Links: 3/4 are hyperlinks - but all work correctly.

    # Visually Appealing: Roger that, bravo two. 10/10.

    # Good Labels: I don't see any "Labels" but each paragraph focuses on a point well :)

    # Recommendations for making the essay better: Fixing run-on sentences, grammar, and font size - but the essay isn't really hurt "as-is"

    # How did the essay change your views about the topic?: It helped enlighten me on the safety side of things. Such as bathing, smoke, etc.

    # Overall Grade (A-F): B