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Drinking While Pregnant

Drinking While Pregnant

      Is drinking while pregnant harmful to the baby? What are the effects of alcohol to the fetus? How much alcohol is harmful to the baby? How much are women able to drink? Does alcohol make the fetus have better mental health? There are many questions that are asked to this specific subject and there many different answers that are given. Many people believe that women should stay completely away from alcohol while others think that a little bit of alcohol is okay and won't harm the baby.
       Doctors don't actually know how much alcohol is good or bad for the baby that is why they tell every pregnant women to lay off of drinking. There are many people that don't believe that a little sip can cause harm and some people believe that it can but in reality know one actually knows since there are so many different things that can happen when you drink. So many studies have been going on to this specific topic and many have seen that it is bad but there are others that say the exact opposite ad that can confuse many people.
       Many risks come when drinking while pregnant. Your baby can have a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders describes problems related to alcohol before birth. The worst result of alcohol is fetal alcohol syndrome. It is a condition of poor growth and can happen in the womb and after giving birth. Women should watch out on what they drink since its not only their life they are affecting but the babies as well. Drinking alcohol can cause the baby that is developing to become still and die in the womb or it can cause miscarriages. The baby will have high dosage of alcohol in its system since it is barely able to break down the alcohol content in its blood. it can cause the baby to have learning disabilities, mental and physical health problems.
        Alcohol is a big deal breaker when it comes to being pregnant because women usually having a couple sips here and there but there are others that drink more. There are many things that doctors will tell you and some answers that one might not expect. According to some studies, drinking while pregnant can be a good thing because it make the baby have better mental health. This doesn't mean that one should get drunk. Just moderate drinking can be good, but does this mean that it is okay to drink when caring a baby?
Doctors have seen that many women prefer not to drink but they still want an occasional sip here and there in holidays, but they still ask if that little sip is harmful. Some doctors say that having a little sip is okay as long as you don't over do it, but there are still many risks like fetal alcohol syndrome and the child not developing right, or even causing a miscarriage. Women should lay off alcohol until the pregnancy is over and done. It is healthier for you and the baby.


Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy
Reviewed by the Baby Center Medical Advisory Board

New study shows no harm from moderate drinking in pregnancy, but experts urge caution
Meghan Holohan


  1. i find this post a good argument because if you do drink while pregnant, you are making it worse for your child worse way before your child is even born.

  2. I really liked your topic. I feel there could be more information that you could add but over all it was a decent report.

  3. This was a really good topic because many mothers don't know the risks they are taking when drinking while pregnant. Good Job Mayra! :)