Friday, April 19, 2013

Music and Babies

Music and Babies- by Avery Gibson
Music, it’s all around us wherever you go whether it is in a mall or out in nature you can hear music. People now-a-days have the power to listen to music wherever they go most people have MP3s, IPods, or other music devices such as smartphones. Music affects everyone’s lives consciously and subconsciously. For instance, if you are sad you can listen to a happy upbeat song and it will make you feel better even singing music can make you happy or make others happy as well.

Studies say that when a baby hears its mother singing it calms down the baby the mother doesn’t even have to have a great singing voice. When the music has a gentle melody it will soothe the baby and help it sleep and stay asleep throughout the night. When it is a more upbeat song it will get the baby to play more during his play times.

Music has also been known to boost other types of education. For instance, when babies listened to music as kids they have been known to be better in other types of subjects like Math, English, and even some sciences.

Studies have been done on babies at the age of one smile more and communicate better when they listen to interactive music. "Babies who participated in the interactive music classes with their parents showed earlier sensitivity to the pitch structure in music," says Trainor. "Specifically, they preferred to listen to a version of a piano piece that stayed in key, versus a version that included out-of-key notes. Infants who participated in the passive listening classes did not show the same preferences. Even their brains responded to music differently. Infants from the interactive music classes showed larger and/or earlier brain responses to musical tones."

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
            -Hans Christian Andersen

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  1. This was very cute and informative. You could have done research on the negative affects of music and babies but all in all, I think this is very interesting(: