Thursday, April 18, 2013

Birthing naturally vs. Hospital Birth


                         Birthing in the Wild vs. Hospital Birthing

In the wild, animals have babes every day with no help except for their instinct. It is a completely natural and beautiful thing. Birthing naturally will prove to the mother of the child that if she could do this than she could do anything. You most of the time should not need major medications to get you through the birth. Humans now think they need special treatment to have a child, when really the motivation is in your mind and soul.  There are tricks to this though; you’ve got to make sure you’re the most comfortable. Making plans is the best thing; they also make plans in naturally in the wild.

In today’s life style, giving birth naturally will most likely not be in the wild. There are not very many people who are all natural anymore, which is sad to say but true. So if you’re planning to give birth naturally well it will be close natural unless you go to desperate measures to make sure you’re having your child totally natural. Having birth alone is probably not wise unless you are certain you can handle it or if you know you have to because of some event. Try and have someone who knows what they’re doing as well as you do in case of any complications.

You might want to take a class on breathing techniques because you are not going to get the usual medication they give you.  You need a great pain coping plan to help you through labor pains. Other unexpected events might happen during before and after birthing that you need to be prepared for. When labor pains start, a good thing to do is walk around. It will help to ease the pains you will be experiencing. Be sure to practice relaxation because being relaxed helps the tenseness ease a bit. Rely on your partner. Having help through labor will make it easier so you won’t need pain medication. Also another thing is to keep your mind occupied.

When you’re in labor try to switch positions every now and then. Try squatting, standing, kneeling, sitting on the toilet, or birthing ball.  You could also get a massage to help ease the pain and to also take your mind off of labor pains. Distract yourself using anything you enjoy, such as music, movies, talking, etc. Get in the bath tub, Jacuzzi, or some kind of sterile water, it will also do a great deal of helping with labor pains. Hypnotize yourself, there are classes for this.  

Unnatural birthing can include side effects from labor pain drugs or other things might go wrong. People say that it is safe to have a baby in the hospital, well have you ever thought of all the germs or the side effects of medication for labor pains. Man y babies have died over the years being born in hospitals. The staff even can make mistakes, and the life of a baby could be taken in one slight second.

Drugs for labor pains could cause many problems, such as drugged babies breathe, with narcotics.  Epidurals disturb the laboring process, they will slow or appear less of the ability to squat and it opens pelvic plane by 20 to 30 percent. This could also affect the baby’s coming through the pelvis. It could also lower the mothers blood pressure and that would cause the baby to have lack of oxygen through the placenta. This can cause emergency help to save the baby’s life.

The staff can also make mistakes by giving the wrong medications to the mother or the child, they could also take a brief break and the baby could choke and die. This has happened a few times with our family and friends.


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